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Corsair Apartments. I utilized this piece in Social Media to emphasize the welcoming environment of one of New Haven's hottest new apartment complexes. The footage was taken during a party celebrating New Haven artists, and features their luxurious rooftop lounge.

Health / Fitness

Pilates Haven. I worked with a local Pilates studio to help explain the benefits of their practice, located within the new MActivity athletic studio in East Rock.


Neville Wisdom. I worked with local fashion designer and clothing manufacturer Neville Wisdom to encapsulate the energy of his runway Fall Fashion show.


Clover Nook. I took a look at a local organic farm to learn more about the work they do to bring fresh food to our communities.

Government / NonProfits

State of Connecticut, Yale University, City of New Haven, and NonProfits

State of Connecticut

Making a Mosaic. I worked with the CT Department of the Arts in highlighting a multi-modal approach to education where art teachers are paired with school teachers; in this case, mosaic expert Beth Klingher teamed up with a Worthington Hooker history teacher to create visual art relating to Ancient History. It includes interviews with Yale University Art Gallery guides. Very cool!

The City of New Haven

was welcoming the 2016 NorthEast Developers Association Conference, and hired me to make a short film highlighting all of the various forms of transportation New Haven has to offer, including air transportation, busses, bicycles, and even walking! Mayor Harp appears on behalf of the city in this short piece highlighting all of the amazing things New Haven has to offer.

Yale University Properties

opened up 7 different new businesses in downtown New Haven one year. I was set with the challenge of producing something faster than the news, of the same quality. This film was played during a Board of Trustees meeting, and I worked directly with Yale Vice President Bruce Alexander on it.

All Our Kin

Jaffe Award Nomination Winner. This film helped earn local nonprofit All Our Kin the National Grand Prize of $100,000 as they were nominated and won the top award in the nation. Among the reviewers on the panel of judges was Paula Kerger, the CEO of PBS. The short film has been rebranded for general fundraising purposes.

New Haven Free Public Library

Festival of Branches. This film helped highlight all of the good work being done in the New Haven Public Library Branch system, and assisted in the allocating of resources to hire new staff members in various branches, and gradually led to assisting the effort of keeping the branches open one more day per week, which has finally happened.


Spencer Luckey was nominated for a Cooper-Hewitt award in 2016 and we went to the fabrication studio of world-famous Luckey Climbers to find out more about what makes his operation the successful business that it is.

Pencilgrass performed "Pocatilego" at Cafe Nine in 2015.

Creative Projects

Other Recent Productions


Music Videos

Live Performances

Social Media and Distribution

I also created @NHVORG to promote all of the work that I do, which all relates to the positive image of New Haven as a place where individuals come together to make the world a better place in a wide variety of ways. With more followers than the New Haven Register, this platform allows me to distribute the material on a scale that registers out to the broader audience of society at large. It works! Responsive image

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Ian Applegate - Multimedia Artist